Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Candy crush saga

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Shah Wijdan July 13, 2015 Lost all my progress! I was having a few issues with the game so i reinstalled it and when I opened the app I lost all of my progress, even though I never cleared my game data. (like you can do when you first purchase the extra gold bar credits to begin with). Or, at least, a set (not randomly generated) beginning to each level. But that depends on 20-odd people's usage of the app and willingness to read and accept requests.There's an option to have a King (Kingdom?) account but it's meaningless other than keeping stats between device switches. Its very frustrating that there isnt a ? "are you sure you want to buy more moves?" or request your pw again. Don't forget to share your perfect prom queen via Facebook or E-mail, your friends will enjoy your work and this nice girl and kids game. That is really an unforgettable journey! In the Facial Spa room, you could make the girl more relaxing and clean her face, this is really a Facial SPA experience like a realistic life. After that, she will come to a beautiful makeup room, choose your like or more suitable her style and makeover her. I sent a text to my friends that play asking to help me to the next level and they all said they did. How amazing? Yes, of course.

So, while Candy Crush Saga spending nearly halved – it was down by 46.5% – between the final quarters of 2013 and 2014, spending on other King games was up 136.5% to $324m in the same period.

According to review aggregator website Metacritic, the game received an average review score of 79/100, indicating generally positive reviews. It always happen all the time. Rather, it just automatically takes your gold bar credits and gives you extra moves that you dont need. You won't spend any money in this game and you could own so many nice items. Full Review

Pre-ordered Prom Spa Salon - Girls Games TNN Game 1 Free Our first Spa Salon game is released, I know how much you like and enjoy the Prom Spa Salon game everytime. I didn't sync my game with facebook but I never cleared the games data. You can't use it to add others with accounts as friends. Fix this please! Full Review

Having problems I have reached the end of one of the levels about 4 days ago, and I sent requests several times to friends to help me to the next level. In the luxuriant room, dress up her with so many nice prom queen dresses, you will find one dress which you like best, after spa, makeup, and dressup, she will be a wonderful girl and go to her Prom Dancing Party. First to thank you girls waiting so much long time. Angela Martin July 10, 2015 Buying more lives I love this game but have caught myself buying extra moves on accident on several occassions. You can't even message let alone look up friends.The game certainly is more interesting than Bejeweled, but shorter-lived without more friend options. And this is not the first time. There's technically an option to ask your randomly-assigned friends for passage. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app and that hasn't helped either. Ellie Gibson of Eurogamer referred to Candy Crush Saga as 2013's "Game of the Year".

Regina Lim July 5, 2015 I'm a new player on this game, its quite fun but I'm dissapointed bcos when i try to ask help from friends to give me extra life for more than 5 times, my friends said that they only received 1 help request from me. I have received no help, nor have I received any lives or life requests from them. So is there anyway for me to recover it? If so please help me out!!! Full Review

If you're one of the few of us without a Facebook (or all your Facebook friends have blocked app notifications from you), there's basically only one way to advance episodes: pay actual money for bars. So you parents don't worry about this and it's safe for girl and kids. It's a all free girl and kids games. Really? That's more fun! You can do anything as your like and manually. After you spa, makeup, dressup her, you will find how beautiful and gorgeous she is! She must be a delicate prom queen! Moreover, if you like, you could paint her with the nice eyeshadow, lipstick and blusher. Game is ALL FREE! I have to tell you this at the last. There are so many nice and beautiful spa items, a lot of colorful Makeups, and you could makeover and dressup the girl who looks like not too beautiful girl. I had 60 golden bricks, many claimed prizes from the wheel, I was well past 100 levels.


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