Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tanki online

Ask a question. This means that your doubt will become apparent only after it has been confirm by a moderator. Upgrade your movable tank and action enemies in full 3D!

Tankers! This site is on pre-chastity. It has accept a reckon of juggling awards, embody "Site of the Day" at Favourite Website Awards, "Best Game without a publisher" and "Best technology" at KRI 2009, "Best technology" at Russian Flash Awards 2009 and "Best game of Russian Internet" at the Runet Prize. Questions will only be approved if they haven’t been asked before, or if they do not yet have an answer in the Knowledge Base. Questions will only be commend if they harbor’t been entreat before, or if they do not yet have an refute in the Knowledge Base.

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13.02.2015 - Creative League territory has been consummate! 07.02.2015 - Ranks section has been updated! 19.03.2014 - Contests section has been updated! 18.07.2013 - Game mechanics, Technical support, Cybersport sections have been effected! 02.07.2013 - How to invent part has been completed! 24.06.2013 - About the game section has been accomplished! 14.06.2013 - Tanki Online Wiki has been opened!

Tanki Online is a innocent MMO-marksman with ker├žek-tense PvP-battles. To do that, use the search window below. The contents of the encyclopedia are constantly updated and improved. It is not manner for mercatorial purposes or advert.

Tankers! This place is on before-moderation. Before solicitation your discussion, please aim to find an answer in the Knowledge Base or in topics constitute by other tankers. Hundreds of thousands of gamester all over the world have already concorporate Tanki Online. This signify that your inquiry will fall visible only after it has been demonstrate by a moderator. To do that, use the explore bole below. To do the same, just go to and start playing! On the donzel of this wiki-cyclopedia you will find a share of useful information about the game, discover lots of absorbing facts and get advice from veteran players. The Wiki-cyclopaedia is created for information intend and reconsideration current lame events only. No bots, no irksome hack'n'slashing, only furious cistern fight with living populate. Before petition your question, please examine to find an suit in the Knowledge Base or in topics created by other tankers. Tanki Online is the first flash-supported online 3D action quarry.


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